One to one Yoga tuition & Bespoke yoga classes

My souls deepset calling at this time is to be able to offer these bespoke Yoga classes to suit your individual needs. Yoga can facilitate holistic wellbeing on all levels and I truly believe there is a practice to suit everyone, whether that is to experience deep rest & relaxation, strength & flexibilty within our physical body & mind or find a new direction through life.

What is your soul calling for ?

I love support individuals in a unique & special way blending all of my experience, studies and expertise together to create something that is special for you. 

Essential oils & education on them can be included in any of these services upon request. 

one to one yoga
Beginners offering & beyond



3 hours of Tuition for £100 - split into 2 x 90 minute sessions. 

Whether you are curious about yoga, or have tried a few classes these two sessions are designed to help give you a deeper overview & understanding about Yoga  and how it can be adapted to suit you at this time. Maybe you've been to a class, or have been reccomended to try Yoga?

Perhaps you would like to know more about how to work harmoniously with your bodies individual needs or seek advice on postural alingnment?


 Whatever it is you are seeking at the beginning of your journey I aim to provide you with this knowledege so that your practice can progress with confidence and ease.Included will be an exploration questionaire,  a copy of our sequence of postures including notes, and an email packed with helpful links & advice about how to get started with your own practice at home when you feel ready.


Should you wish to continue your journey in a one to one setting , sessions are charged at £40 per hr. 

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Yoga on Deck

Bespoke Yoga

Bespoke Yoga classes /workshops for small groups .

A unique & special 2 hour class created for you and your tribe .....

These classes can be designed to suit your individual needs & abilities, whether you are a group visiting on holiday, a corporate organisation or would like to organise a class for a special occasion, please feel free to get in touch.

Classes / workshops can incorporate a blend of practices of your choice including -

Hatha Yoga , Chakra Yoga , Meditation

Pranayama (breathwork) , Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep), Relaxation practices, Journaling & embodiment practices , Essential oil education or use of throughout the practice tailored exclusively to your needs .

These classes can be held at a location of your choice or alternative venues can be arranged on request.

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