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"The word YOGA means to unite , Its practice both mental and physical, on and most importantly off the mat leads to the union of an individuals consciousness with that of the Universal Consiousness thus creating a perfect harmony between body and mind. This connection we find ripples out of us to nature and your wider surrounding community,  helping us to celebrate all that is and all that we are. "

When we practice yoga , we start to see that nature , every situation, or person that steps into our life can teach us something, be it both pleasant or unpleasant we start to feel more connected to ourself and to others.We start to embrace the journey of life a little more and tune in to observe the lessons we are all here to learn.

Instrumental in my journey as both a student & teacher of yoga are my wonderful local community. This page is a true celebration of community.

Each one of these individuals have created a business inspired by connection & community, lets celebrate that!   


Meet sarah...

from Henham Yoga

Sarah is a Yoga teacher and runs Henham Yoga Studio near Southwold.It is part of a barn complex hosting weddings, events and food pop ups.

 Enjoy the expansive Henham estate views and reconnect with nature. Classes at Henham include kettlebells, Pilates , Qi gong and Hatha Yoga. During the summer months Sarah also teaches Beach Yoga in Southwold each Saturday morning with all proceeds going to charity!

To come and join our friendly community & check out our latest offerings click here-

Henham Yoga & Henham park 

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Meet Lucy...


Lucy is a Henham Yoga regular. She is author of Yoga school dropout  and Founder of Yogaclicks.com - an award winning yoga shop where everything is made by yogis. 

From sweatshirts to eco mats, recycled leggings to yoga gifts everything is designed to fit & flatter, help you find your peaceful place and show the planet some serious love.

Ethically accredited by The Good Shopping Guide and designated carbon neutral by Carbon Footprint Ltd.


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shop here!

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Meet Lisa ..

Founder of Southwold Mental Health swims

Lisa has always had a love of swimming,  being both in pools and the open water.

After moving to  Southwold on the Suffolk coast 6 years ago Lisa has become an active member of the local RNLI fundraisers commitee, managing a beach hut available to hire where by all proceeds are donated to the RNLI. 

In addition to this Lisa has set up a local franchise of  Mental heatlh Swims - Suffolk. The swims are held weekly each Saturday morning, hosted by Lisa herself to aid peoples mental health and wellbeing. 

 "Being in the sea allows you to be fully in the moment, connect with nature and find balance in whatever is challanging you day to day " 

For more information about these nation wide swims click here - Mental Health Swims

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